Top 10 Ways to Leave a Mark at your Next Trade Show

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When preparing for a trade show, we know it can be difficult to think of giveaway items that differ from the status quo. While pens, notebooks, and magnets are great, simple items that get the job done, there are many ways to make you stand out from the other vendors. The list of creative items is extensive, and aside from the list we compiled, we also love things like custom water bottle labels, breath mint tins, lip balms, and more. A helpful trick for selecting giveaway items is to choose things that appear useful or fun to people, to ensure they make a lasting impression in their mind of your brand. Here are our top 10 custom products to bring to your next trade show:

1. Hand Sanitizer

There is mass exposure to germs walking around all day touching things from different booths. People will be quick to grab this and keep it in their purse for the long term! Not to mention, the casing creates easy access by being able to attach it to any purse or backpack.

2. Chocolate Bar/Candy

During a day full of walking around, any candy will be sure to brighten someone’s day. In addition to that, we came up with a way this item can become a fun game, inspired by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Placing a golden ticket inside a few of the bars and offering a prize to the winners provides a great incentive for people to be interested in your booth. Check out our website for more sweet giveaway items such as starburst, M&Ms, and more.

3. Hangover Tablets

This product is sure to catch the attention of many attendees. These fun tablets relieve, recover and re-energize after a night out! These would be a perfect fit for an even that includes alcoholic beverages.

4. Reusable Metal Straws

With the recent movement on reducing plastic straw use, people will be excited to receive these reusable straws that are great for the environment and make them feel like they are doing their part to protect sea life.

5. Convention Tote
6. Webcam Covers

Various totes and bags are very common at trade shows, so take it up a notch with this convention tote! This bag features an open main compartment, an open front pocket and mesh water bottle pocket. Enough room to fit all the items they receive, with your logo displayed on the front!

6. Cord Keepers

Everyone has seen the struggle of pulling earbuds and chargers out of their bag in a tangled mess. These small silicone cord keepers eliminate the problem by keeping wires nicely folded in your bag.

7. Mini Selfie Stick

In the era of the social media and selfie craze, no one could pass up a fun way to capture moments of them and their friends.

8. Travel Tech Accessories Case

Nowadays, technology comes with us everywhere we go. These polyester zippered and padded travel cases can carry all your tech necessities in one place! With 2 elastic loops for cable management, 1 large elastic mesh pocket, and 1 small elastic mesh pocket, your customers will stay organized.

9. Thumbs Up Phone/Tablet Holder

This fun desk decoration is offered in bright colors and will hold almost any size phone or tablet! These can even be used at your booth to display promotional pictures or videos on a tablet.

10. Webcam Cover

For the more paranoid people, a webcam cover ensures privacy and is placed perfectly center, to be looked at all day.

Depending on the event you’re attending, we have more specific items geared towards certain industries. If your event is golf oriented, we carry customizable golf tees, balls, shirts, club bags, golf cart banners, and anything else you could imagine. Check out or website to see what amazing products you can pick out for your next big event!