Promo Cares & Stackable Sensations Partner With Mindy Scheier

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Parsippany, NJ April 5th, 2019:


Stackable Sensations was selected through SAAGNY to partner with Promo Cares to work with nonprofit to do a marketing case study with promotional products.  Stackable Sensations was one of four distributors selected across the country to participate in the case study.  The goal was to give one nonprofit free promotional items to be used instead of traditional marketing, or to have them be used where they normally would not use marketing or advertising.  The results would then be compared with what they had done in the past to see what kind of return on investment they could achieve with the promotional items.

Stackable Sensations worked with Mindy Scheier and her team at The Runway of Dreams Foundation to help them broaden awareness and revenue for their cause in this case study. 

Runway of Dreams is a nonprofit that works toward a future of inclusion, acceptance and opportunity in the fashion industry for people with disabilities.  It all began when Mindy, a fashion designer and mother of a child with a rare form of muscualr dystrophy had a life-changing moment. Her son wanted to wear jeans to school like his friends, but couldn’t manage the buttons and the zippers.  She used her design skills to adapt a pair of jeans that met his needs, and increased his confidence and independence.  She envisioned that all styles of clothing could be available with modifications that would make them accessible for people with disabilities, and decided to combine her experience and her passion by creating the Runway of Dreams Foundation in 2014.  The Foundation made fashion history in 2016, when it collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger on the first ever mainstream adaptive clothing line for children.  An adult line soon followed.   Mindy continues to break down barriers and challenge industry norms by developing and supporting initiatives to broaden the reach of mainstream adaptive clothing, and create opportunities for people with disabilities in fashion.

The team at Stackable Sensations and Runway of Dreams decided to create a custom chocolate bar and include a Willy Wonka inspired gold ticket.  They sold the chocolate bars for $20 as a donation to their organization.  The winner of the golden ticket received $100 worth swag from the Runway of Dreams Foundation.

Mindy told her story on April 5th to over 200 business owners through the Morris County Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Networking Luncheon.  The chocolate bars were sold at the luncheon and hundreds of dollars were raised.  They raised 600% more money by using the chocolate bars than they were able to do in the past. 

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Mindy and her team said they usually will ask for donations after a speech, but having the chocolate bars with the golden ticket greatly surpassed any previous request for a donation at a similar venue.  Mindy commented, “When I first started raising funds, I would offer a giveaway as an incentive.  Over time, we moved away from that and I forgot how truly effective it is.  This is such a generous offer and great reminder of how well promotional products work.”  Using the promotional items helped raise hundreds of extra dollars making it one of their most successful events for a similar venue.  Mindy and her team plan to use the chocolate bars at their other fundraising and speaking engagements throughout the year.