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Top 10 Ways to Leave a Mark at your Next Trade Show

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When preparing for a trade show, we know it can be difficult to think of giveaway items that differ from the status quo. While pens, notebooks, and magnets are great, simple items that get the job done, there are many ways to make you stand out from the other vendors. The list of creative items is extensive, and aside from the list we compiled, we also love things like custom water bottle labels, breath mint tins, lip balms, and more. A helpful trick for selecting giveaway items is to choose things that appear useful or fun to people, to ensure they make a lasting impression in their mind of your brand. Here are our top 10 custom products to bring to your next trade show:

10 Products to Host a Successful Happy Hour


Looking for a way to wow your guests at your next company event? Here at Stackable Sensations we have everything you need to host an unforgettable happy hour for your clients or employees. Why should your company want to host a happy hour? These events improve company culture and are a great way for your team to bond in a different environment. They can also be a place for productive meetings, networking events, or workshops.

The most important part of any happy hour is of course the drinks! We have a huge selection of customizable glass and barware to make your brand stand out!

Drinkware is a popular and versatile category. These products are perfect because they will be used daily in households. People will never forget your event or brand when sipping on an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage in these high-quality cups! These drinkware products can be kept as a memoir, but also serve as advertisement of your brand to the people who see them displayed in kitchen cabinets and counters.

8 Promo Necessities for a 5k Event


One of the most popular platforms for promotional products are events that include sponsors, or different teams, like a 5k Fundraiser event! These events are always fun, and attract a ton of people, the perfect place to spread awareness about your brand. We complied a few of our favorite products that are necessities for the next athletic fundraising event!